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A white boy who is allowed to hang with black bro's with out getting made fun of for being white
Tyrie: "Fo sho that whitey over there is pretty cool, he is an acceptable negro in my book"
by one-fine-brosef April 03, 2007
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This is the black person that everybody(blacks and whites) gravitates toward and likes, because they have a lot in common with.

Used by Tyrie in Real World: Denver.
Two black guys in the club watching Doc (a black guy) hanging with a group of white people.

Black Guy 1: Doc is the whitest black guy I know.
Black Guy 2: Naw fam, he's just the acceptable negro, everybody loves that guy, he fits in with any one.
Black Guy 1: That's whats up.
by THG4LYF June 30, 2013
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A black person who mainly prefers the company and mannerisms of white people. the white people tend to flock to this person because of the way they act, speak, etc. also see oreo (black person who acts white) and cheesegro

Many black people adopt acceptable negro mannerisms as a survival mechanism in predominantly white areas.

First used by Tyree of The Real World: Denver in a description on his roomate, Steven.
"How come Omar never comes out to the club with us?"
"Man, he's an acceptable negro. All he does is go sing karaeoke with those white folks."
by Pseudo Afro-Ken March 29, 2007
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