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Your definition is of acceleration is wrong. People do legitimately have a fear of acceleration, but such people have no fear of speed. It's simply the rate at which one arrives at that speed that causes discomfort. Therefore, someone with a fear of acceleration can quite comfortably travel at 70 mph on a motorway, but they're not going to floor the accelerator in first gear, because that's just stupid and only morons drive like that.
Travelling from 0 to 30 mph by flooring the accelerator in first gear and reving up the engine on purpose to make a noise like a complete and utter twat.
by Mike March 01, 2005
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Fear of the gas pedal. Characterized by erratic braking, persistent traffic obstruction and speeds of more than 5mph under the limit. Prevalent mainly in central/south Florida and Branson, Missouri. Often accompanied by acute Blinkeritis.
Rush hour traffic was especially horrendous today. Seems like half the population of Tampa has acceleraphobia.
by axisgrid December 15, 2009
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Fear of acceleration. u know the type, they go below the speed limit, which pisses you off and makes u holler phrases which are inappropriate for use in public
why does every motherfucker who drives in front of me have acceleraphobia. they need to SPEED THE FUCK UP!!!!!
by Psycho August 10, 2004
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