1963 ruling in wake of the Engel decision that banned the mandatory reading of the Bible in schools; relevant to : Engel v. Vitale, separation of church and state
The conservatives were left to wonder as the mighty liberal Chief Justice Earl Warren had done it again: restricting religion in the schools
by silver bishop April 26, 2004
the only school in NEPA with actual good looking kids. Kids are normal that go here. people make tik time 24/7 that go there
by boyzzzzzzx August 26, 2019
abington junior high school

a shitty as school where the 7th graders bark at the emos and where the 8th graders wanna rumble everyone and everyone in that school is a nicotine addict.
abington junior high school is filled with hoes
by yeiskdkdkdjdkd November 14, 2021