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1962 supreme court case in which Chief Justice Earl Warren ruled to prohibit prayer in school. see also: seperation of church and state
Schools won't press you to pray in class thanks to the motion of Engel v. Vitale
by silver bishop April 25, 2004
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Otherwise known as Rindge, this this is the result of the merging of two schools in New England: Rindge Techincal Institiute and Cambridge Latin High. The former was known for its prestigious training in the sciences and mathematics for those that wanted to become engineers, etc; the latter was focused more on the arts,such as teaching lingual studies in latin and other languages, and those who would study law later on would attend this school for the humanities. They merged around the late '60-early '70s. The consequences yielded erratic behavior in students that attended, often spastic comical stunts,concieved as idiocy by anyone in their right mind. Dangerous hooligans in the area attend the school as well, just use your imagination. Their cirriculum and discipline has been heading downhill drastically, but if you take the time to go through the student body with a fine tooth comb, you will find that there are some bright minds there as well that will have a future. Hopefully.
kid 1:(ecstatic) my god, did you hear what happened at this school my friend goes to? no one wanted to have class so they protested by making animal noises and yelling 'liberty!'. someone was jumped in the hall and thrown into a locker!
kid 2:(showing interest) now where was this?
kid 1: rindge and latin.
kid 2:(rolls eyes, in sarcastic manner) what else is new?
by silver bishop January 22, 2004
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Someone who works on the computer, especially hacking that hacks into systems not to look for anomalies or to destroy a system. They're basically in there screwing around causing minor or no damage.
by silver bishop February 1, 2004
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1963 ruling in wake of the Engel decision that banned the mandatory reading of the Bible in schools; relevant to : Engel v. Vitale, separation of church and state
The conservatives were left to wonder as the mighty liberal Chief Justice Earl Warren had done it again: restricting religion in the schools
by silver bishop April 25, 2004
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