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A hot spanish guy who only digs Irish girls.
Do you think Colleen is cut?
Hell Yeah I'm totally Abelardo!!!!!
by funfur July 29, 2007
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Abrlardo, otherwise known as Arby, is a band teacher. He is one of the most awsome people you will ever meet. He is the sexiest, funniest, coolist, and all around best person you will ever meet. But you can't take him...he's mine! I can't wait to tell him how much i love him, only 4 years, 2 months, and 3 days (as of jan.7,2010), and i will be 18 and I can tell him. Wish me luck.
Abelardo is a band teacher.
Abelardo is my teacher and im his student that is doing this under his name.
Abelrado has my heart right now, I literally love him.
by loves me some band teacher February 07, 2010
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a guy who:
1 is guatemalan
2 suffers from nipplitis(an uncurable disease in which nipples get hard when its "windy")
3 could never get a gf no matter how hard he tries!!
Abelardo: W-will you g-go out w-with mme?

Girl: sister just ate a spider
and wut is poking outof your shirt?
by alliver February 15, 2009
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