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This is the language that you see in many places online, and even out in public. For example, bathroom graffiti
The basic content of abbreviated "hacker" language is just like the first word says: abbreviated words, often made by taking out letters or altogether converting certain words into numbers. For example, "for" becomes "4". This written or typed form of communication is mostly used by teen adolescents, but not all of them are. The stereotype is destroyed as many young adults also use it, not because theyre stupid, but for two reasons: for hilarity/entertainment value, and for convience. In addition, some spelling is considerably changes in order to disguise profanity as well. Some translated words: ppl=people; 2=to,too; 4=for,fore; plz=please; b4=before; wer=where; ur=your,you're; dat=that; u=you; jus=just; chyt=shit; fukin=fucking; skewl=school; cum=come
A Joke: 3 Things i hate bout dumb ppl
1. i hate it wen ppl point at my watch, and ask "wut time iz it?" bitch, i kno wer mah watch iz wer's urs? do i point at my crotch wen i need to go to da toilet?
2. i hate it wen i go to movies and ppl yelled out "did u jus see dat?" no loser i just payed twelve dollars to stared at the fukin floor.
3. i also hate it wen, in da mornin waitin 4 the skewl bus 2 cum and someone cum by and ask "have the bus came yet?" naw moron, im just standin 4 fun.
by Ur Mom October 18, 2004
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Hacker Language helps re-enforce the barrier between computer hackers and normals, and it also helps distinguish crackers from hackers. First of all, are things normals wont understand, such as TCP, IP, winsock, Linux, root access, vi, etc due to being simpletons and not bothering learning how to do more than open M$ word and type. Secondly, SOME computer hackers have decided to modify the english language and its structure. Ways in which this occurs can be seen when a hacker goes to replace ‘f’ with ‘ph’, and ‘s’ with ‘z’. Also hackers use numbers in place of letters such as '0' for 'O', ‘1’ for ‘i’ or ‘l’ (though replacing ‘i’ is not the proper usage), ‘3’ for ‘E,’ ‘4’ for ‘A’, '5' for 'S', ‘7’ for ‘t’, and even '9' for 'G'. Other popular effects include cAPiTaliZaTinG, abbrv.'in, jargon, emphasizing words by putting ‘k-‘ before them ("k-rad"), and finishing a statement with a series of characters for emphasis.


if you ever see sK00l or anything like dA or any of those ghetto abbreviations, thats not real hacker language. Hackers hate using stuff thats not theirs, especially when its crap made up by losers in high school. GG.
Since the person defining abbreviated hacker language confused himself with 13 year old AOL speak circa 2004. I think even those 13 year olds realize they were stupid and have stopped.

k-pH33r 73H R34p3R 45 1 941n r00T on 7Ub9IRl!! %/\/\/\%
by Faceless. October 25, 2006
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abbreviated hacker language or AHL is not a number bassed language or one in which letters are replaced with things like 'ph' for 'f'.
AHL is actually a language that programmers use(Dictionary definition of hacker is "one who is talented with computers(eg programmer)" or "Someone who uses computers for illegal activities") and is used when talking about a script, bugs in a script, used most commonly in basic and java.
'On *:TEXT:*<text>:#:{' is replaced with 'on *:txt:#:'
' Set %var <variable>" is replaced by '%var <variable>'
Used only in chat text when you are to lazy to write it out or find and coppy and paste the file.
When there is an unknown varriable (Eg a password ect) it is placed in tags and underlined. EG
Person1: "how do I identify my nickname in IRC"
Person2: "./ns identify <password>"
Person1 then types in '/ns identify thisisapassword"
Abriviations are used alot, eg:
LOL: Laugh out loud (used in chat rooms ect)
GTFO: Get the F*ck out (used when someone in a chat room is being anoying)
KB: Kick Ban (Used with GTFO eg: Noob: "lulz u r all t3h gheyzorz" Hacker/programer: "GTFO moron, Oi mod, Kb that tard"
SOC?: Shell of Choice?
SKOC?: Skin of Choice?
It is belived hackers/programers use leet because of jokes that are often made. eg:
Person1: "Hey man, how's it going"
Person2: "I feel like a million bucks put in the dryer and set on spin"
Person1: "Gheyzorz"
Person2: "lol"
Person1: "Hey man, how's it going"
Person2: "Meh"
Person1: "I started a dA"
Person2: "SKOC?"
Person1: "Defult atm"
Person2: "Gheyz0rs"
Person1: "Yeah, lol. How do I use DOSBox?"
Person2: "Uhh, Line1: Mount <drive> <directory(inc drive)> Line2: <drive> Line3: CD <Game folder> Line4: <Game>.<file type>"
Person1: "Thanks, g2g bai"
Person2: "Bai lol"

^^Thats abbreviated hacker language^^
by Pixel-Pirate November 12, 2007
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