it means excitement or anger like today is your birthday (happy) that or you find out your condom broke during orgasm (anger and awkward) :defined by Ryan McGaha
honey i,m pregnant : WHAT : umm : aaaaaaaaaaa
by ryanmcgaha2000 May 4, 2016
The sound that comes from my basement.
Hey Mark can you not make your AAAAAAAAAAA's so loud? Thanks
by a kirumi tojo simp March 7, 2022
The nickname for Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin.

The song itself starts with screaming, so people who don't know the song beforehand usually call it 'AAAAAAAAAAA' before learning the title.
Anon 1: Yo whats that song by Led Zeppelin I like it
Anon 2: Which one?
Anon 1: The one that goes AAAAAAAAAAA
Anon 2: Yeah that's Immigrant Song.
by pa63r March 3, 2018