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This is a short form for "anti-brangeloonie". "Brangeloonies" is the common term for the group of idol worshipping fans that follow and support everything Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie do. The anti-brangeloonies, or a-bloonies, are the celebrity hating media followers who mock and criticise anything and everything the couple do. The groups, despite their differences, are very similar in terms of the emotional intensity directed at the celebrity couple as well as time spent analyzing their every move, motive and imagined thought, to the point of absurdity.
"I used to be a Brangeloonie, but then I reformed and went a-bloonie."

To discover the rants and raves of a-bloonie culture, just visit a celebrity watching site such as D-listed and look at postings under "Brangelina"

"Rosanne Barr has just come out as the leader of the a-bloonies."
by creatrix August 18, 2008
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