A word commonly used by teenagers when trying to write quickly or on Instant Messenger or chat rooms. Short for "about."

Similar to b/c (because) or b/f (before or boyfriend).
"I told you a/b her, her didn't I?"
by iceiceiceice June 08, 2009
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"...went into the cheap B&B, when I pulled back my sheets to get on into bed found a dead woman there. So I come downstairs an' I throw her at the manager..."
-George the Angry Redneck
by Fugerko.? December 07, 2003
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When we stayed at the B and B in rural England, the owners kept trying to sell the building to us.
by Samantha Smythe June 29, 2005
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when you get a Back rub and a Blow job.
hey babe, I had a really long day. B&B?
by codsleep December 20, 2019
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Boob to Belly Ratio.

Applies to both women and men. Scientists however have not come up with an optimal numerical number for such ratio, but are working with mice.
Times are dangerous. With the cold weather, all the layers of clothing are clouding our judgment and views of the B to B and L to L ratios.
by KaptainKorea December 18, 2010
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