When you go get a massage and the person who's giving you the message ends up fucking you.
A person who fucks you instead of giving you a massage also known as a happy ending massage.
by Jessica rodriguez March 18, 2016
When a female masseuse gives a post-massage blowjob, then proceeds to bite the man's penis off.
Cop: "Whats the situation?"
Deputy: "Well the victim died after his penis was removed and he bled out."
Cop: "In a massage parlor? How was his penis removed?"
Deputy: "Not So Happy Ending."
Cop: "Mother of god."
by TeamGhost February 8, 2015
When one fraternity pledge, while pledging, is forced to take a shot of jack daniel's mixed with the cum of his "grand-big."
1. You are pre-gaming at your fraternity when your big tells you it's time for you first "jacky daniel's happy ending." You are then blindfolded and wait for your shot to be mixed. While you were blindfolded your "grand-big" ejaculates into the shot glass and fills the rest with jack daniels. You then down the shot like a champ and are forced to say "YUM."

2."Wow, Frats are GAY"
by FratStarΑΣΣ August 17, 2010
Being forced evil meds and being on probation isn’t the path
I deserve a happy end
by NASCAR MADAGASCAR December 8, 2020
1. When a Chain Reaction ends up positive instead of negative.
2. When one person has sex, is more confident because of it, who motivates someone else to have sex with them, who in turn is more confident, rinse, lather, repeat.
1. So, I got held up in a class, but it let me stay with this cute girl, which allowed me to get her number.
2. Me sleeping with Brenda allowed her to have a Chain Happy Ending. Aren't I the best?
by In My Defense... September 28, 2018
The girl wanted the guy that kept bringing her flowers dead, but she didn't want to catch a murder charge herself, so she tried to give another guy a blowjob, hoping that he would be a doll and do something sweet for her (like pull out a gun and shoot this cocksucking flower bearing fairy with no balls), but her sinister plan backfired when it turned out the second guy actually liked the guy bringing her the flowers. This made her puke all over the carpet and call her friends for a girl's night out, where she met a real man, a bad guy that had access to automatic weapons and wouldn't hesitate to pull up in front of where both these other faggots were at and turn both of the first two guys into Swiss cheese. A happy ending can be different for different people.
It was a happy ending for the girl, she got with the bad guy, the bad guy got with her, and the first two lambs got deader than a doornail, so her sinister plan went from backfiring to back in business.
by The Original Agahnim July 3, 2021