a gay person that doesnt need to play gta online
cargo griefers are gay and get no girls.
by fallout4poophole July 27, 2021
A griefer in GTA is really one of the most hated people in Online mode of GTA V, there is almost no benefit (If any) of those virgins that sit all day Grieving cargo, crates and even players that's minding there own business.
"lzzzzzz" "1-0" The most common phrases that adopted Griefers in GTA Online use to piss of players.
by 1Yaso1 January 2, 2022
1. In gaming, a griefer is a player who actively attempts to ruin the fun/progress/leisure of other players logged into the same game, often to the extent of the the person being griefed giving up on playing for a time. Especially true for player-vs-player (PvP) games.
2. In the context of general internet and message board posting, a griefer is someone whose goal is to start fights/arguments, relentlessly attacks certain posters and communities, etc. Generally speaking, the goal of the Internet griefer is to make other users’ virtual lives hell on earth.
“Tanya reported the griefers who had been camping her corpse in WoW for the last few hours, keeping her from enjoying the game.”

“The young griefer did everything he could to disrupt the peace in a football forum, especially in harassing younger members and starting controversial conversations just because.”
by Stiffofdeth March 10, 2020
1) An obsessive stoner who steals all your weed, usually when you notice you have no more weed, he already smoked it all, can also be a troll weed whacker that cuts and steals the weed plants from your garden. Also called Leaf Thief.
The Reefer Griefer will Swag your Schwag.
by BioShocker2 March 24, 2015