Being named Colton Beltran and listening to X 3 years late
by Im gay cuz my name is colton September 18, 2020
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Being gay does not mean you act female. it means you like men. Like a man likes another man. It doesn't mean you always kiss your 'homies' it's just in the LGBTQ+ yk... like Pansexual, Demisexual, Lesbian, Asexual, Allosexual, etc.
"Dad... I'm gay"
"I support you"
*in tears*

omg wow hug ew cringe like you lol
by kodyeeyee November 2, 2020
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Basically your gay but your not lesbian or gay but you gay in your words.
Me:Omg im so gay
Bestie:samee im gay but not gay
by Quackity's future wife July 14, 2021
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Gay means two things In life one means you like the same gender as you or your happy.
1.”Your gay wow so you like men

2.Im so gay (happy) Right now what about you
by Pixel_Gamer February 12, 2020
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1. The sexuality of everyone's favourite character in TV shows and movies.

2. The best people you will meet.

3. Honestly just people with an amazing taste in clothing.

4. Always have shitty mental health. Always. There is no such thing as a gay with good mental health.
Me and a quarter of my year.

This girl in my class was singing along to Girl in Red; she's definitely gay.
I went to pride with all my gay friends last year.
by meanerthangaybot April 14, 2021
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