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The Father, Uncle, and Mother of thanos. he kicks littleshits asses 247 and has no regret. be careful while meeting yousif because if you are a guy he will kick your ass and if your a girl he will fuck you in the ass
by Yousif who beat up abdulhamid December 13, 2018
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Yousif is a good looking guy who loves to laugh and is a bit of a nerd.He is smart and has a love for Spanish and Mediterranean girls. He's a bit of jerk sometimes but he's nice when u get to know him.
Yousif is my bf
by Dybsrbss January 31, 2017
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Yousif is a fit boy so sexy can get any girl any time has a really big..... I mean itโ€™s huge. He will steal your girl if he likes her!!!
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Yousif hads tasty ass cum and I want to suck on him balls if you ar a yousief pls text me I wantt to finger yo
"oh my god did your see him yousif"
"I want him cock insid me "
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