refering to a group of more than two, but less than four, in other words tree. Used in Northeast Pa.
We'll be leaven in a couple two tree minutes.
by grappler89 March 4, 2005
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Exclusive to the Wyoming Valley, means "a few"
When speaking to a vendor at the fair....
"Can I get a couple two tree hoddogs, one wit sauerkraut, one wit not?"
by Freida Gillespe October 25, 2007
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Used across the entire midwest and parts of the northeast, it's a way for someone to say "a few" but add more ambiguity so as not to be held accountable for any specific amount. The "tree" indicates an alternate pronunciation for the word "three" thanks to language influences from the Italians, Irish, and Germans in the United States.
by HunterQT December 21, 2021
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