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You got caught cheating and your buddies show up to lift your spirits. Similar to a man on death row, you decide what you want to eat and drink and your friends provide.
Typical Cheater's Funeral Convo:

Buddy: Hey man, we heard you got caught and things went down really bad between you and the old lady. Tell us what food and booze to pick up and we'll be right out.

Cheater: Yeah man I need a good meal. Make it steak, bourbon and beer.

Buddy: No problem.
by HunterQT January 28, 2013
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A very powerful, wealthy man who spends money extravagantly and lives an extremely lavish lifestyle.
The orph is vacationing on his mega yacht in the islands again.
by HunterQT February 17, 2019
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Used across the entire midwest and parts of the northeast, it's a way for someone to say "a few" but add more ambiguity so as not to be held accountable for any specific amount. The "tree" indicates an alternate pronunciation for the word "three" thanks to language influences from the Italians, Irish, and Germans in the United States.
by HunterQT December 21, 2021
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