When you get to piss off from work early because you hurt your knee.
Hey are you at work today

Yeah but I'm leavening at 12
by Kim Vandercolk August 21, 2017
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the dried substance in a womans undergarment left after sex with a male who discharged in her
im going to sneak into your sisters room, see if there are any panty leavens to waft
by David Scroggins October 19, 2008
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The uncooked bread got sick of walking around the bakery with all the other delicious, already-cooked breads, so he decided to bake like a challah and leaven.
by Nicholas D June 6, 2004
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Girl 1 - that guy is rude.
Girl 2 - yep, he's a Leaven.
by Johnson Turbin April 18, 2022
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