originating in southeast Michigan in the 1960's, the term means a uncertain quantity, i.e. It may be two (but rarely is), it could be three but is usually more, but is seldom as much as "quite a few".
I told her a couple three times to get down off the bar or put her panties back on before they throw us out.
by HDandPD June 4, 2006
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The redneck way of saying "maybe two or three, or maybe more".
Cody: "Hey how many bullets you got left there, Fred?"

Fred: "A couple three I reckon."
by quadbabe0714 November 14, 2009
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Couple Three is whatever you want it to be, it all just depends on the context of which it is used; see examples below
"I would love to couple three that chic."

"We're going to go out and drink a couple three"

"You're a no-good couple three."

"That girl is a COUPLE THREE."
by JESSA!! May 27, 2008
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A Couple or Three

A Texas sayin when there's more than two and at least three and probably more.
Used in a sentence: Hey man, how many fence posts got knocked over by that bull last night in the south pasture. Oh, I don't know, "a couple or three", I guess.
by Txsecededave October 21, 2014
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