An older woman that makes friends with younger kids to adopt their trends. Hangs out where they hang out to prey on younger boys to feel young.
Typically tends to have no identity of their own and tried to adopt others
Someone who blogs too much about others who don't even acknowledge their existence.
can typically find one at your local mall and or standing on the sidelines in or around popular chain stores.
i.e: speech, clothing, haircuts, piercings,music taste
"holy shit I totally thought that was a 16 year old until it spoke, it's definitely a - hulsey"

"dude, I got drunk last night and fucked a - hulsey, now my mom is calling the cops"
by you're not fucking brutal July 14, 2009
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1) To be in a bitchy mood
2) Calling someone a failure
3) Always frustrated
1) Why are you being such a Hulsey?
2) You people are such hulsey's
3) I'm in such a hulsey mood right now.
by Kelly Bodine March 6, 2007
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Exuberant dance move, used during dispute. Potential rock, paper, scissors replacement?
He busted out the hulsey shuffle and all hell broke loose.

Damn dog you just got Hulsey Shuffled!

The Hulsey Shuffle ended WWIII
by JDawggie September 17, 2010
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Dirty Hulsey- The act of performing oral sex on a man directly after anal sex, then proceeding to kiss them with your dirty mouth. Normally (Ass,mouth, vag)

Originally from Dublin Ireland, Dirty Hulsey began during a Saint Patrick's day parade in the early 90's when a couple was caught doing it under the Hulsey stadium. Commonly used by the Irish
Damn, Mary gave me a dirty hulsey last night. She's kinky as hell.
by Cookie Slayer June 6, 2020
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A rare new species of whale. Origin: Southern California.

This pod tends to breed within it's own.

They tell absurd stories, of which have no relation to anything your speaking of.

Also known to become very obsessive, and commonly believe they know everything. All they want is to be in the military or be connected to any branch in any way.

They are honored guest in the Peanut Gallery, since they are very frequently there.
That guy must be a part of the Hulsey Clan, since no one cares what he says.
by tater tot 44 July 30, 2011
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A very snobby girl usually does drugs and is unkind make sure to stay away she is not safe. She also can hurt you so. She is inappropriate and bad she loves a good strip pole.
Hannah Hulsey is a drug addict!
by Anonymous angelzzzzzz November 10, 2020
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