Term used to describe anything that is extremely over-hyped or overrated.

Man, everyone said The Departed was a great movie, but it was totally a "Ryan Leaf".
by Michael51 March 3, 2007
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perhaps the biggest flop in NFL history, Ryan Leaf was the #2 overall pick by the San Diego Chargers in 1998. the only player picked in front of Leaf was Payton Manning, and the Colts (who selected Manning) considered taking Leaf until just before draft day. needless to say, the Colts were wise to take Payton.

Leaf was highly touted, coming out of Washington State U, and was expected to lead San Diego to glory. However, in is rookie year, he had 2 touchdowns, 15 picks, and a bad attitude. he nearly fought an angry fan, often screamed at reporters, and faked an injury to leave practice to golf. he missed the '99 season with a shoulder injury, and after poor performance, and injury, and a run in w/ police (a bar fight), he was released after 2000.

Leaf was signed and released by tampa Bay before the 2001 season, and finally ended up playing as a back up in Dallas that year. He lost all 4 games that he started.

He signed with Seattle as a back up prior to 2002, but retired due to long standing injuries.
Ryan Leaf is the biggest bust in NFL history
by Eye In The Sky June 23, 2006
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One of, if not the, biggest bust in NFL history. Ryan Leaf's carrer seemed to be great... untill he got to the NFL. His time here was said to be "sketchy", "a waste of potential", some even said ryan leaf was "a waste of talent and a waste of skin". such crude remarks are deserved in this case however because... to put it plainly...... he sucks.
(playing catch)WHOA!!!! that was a Ryan Leaf throw.

(halftime talk) ok guys! we can't go out in the second half and Ryan Leaf it.

(after failing a test or a goal in life) wow, i really Ryan Leaf'd that exam.
by birwin July 7, 2006
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Probably one of the most over rated, under performing athletes in the game. Should kill himself.
Did you see that pig at the slop last night? Yeah Ryan Leaf took her hom.
by patddd June 12, 2008
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"Aw man, they're all out of Cottonelle"

"Dude, just get the Ryan Leaf Paper."

"But that stuff gives me chlamydia"

"At least it's good for 14 wipes and 36 picks- Just like Ryan Leaf!"
by RyanLeaf4-6 May 5, 2009
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