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One of, if not the, biggest bust in NFL history. Ryan Leaf's carrer seemed to be great... untill he got to the NFL. His time here was said to be "sketchy", "a waste of potential", some even said ryan leaf was "a waste of talent and a waste of skin". such crude remarks are deserved in this case however because... to put it plainly...... he sucks.
(playing catch)WHOA!!!! that was a Ryan Leaf throw.

(halftime talk) ok guys! we can't go out in the second half and Ryan Leaf it.

(after failing a test or a goal in life) wow, i really Ryan Leaf'd that exam.
by birwin July 06, 2006

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A reebok commercial icon who revolutionized the industry by bringing both hard hitting action and classical humor to the T.V. Terry Tate has changed my outlook on life and gave me a real idea of how rough office life can be.
(playing backyard football) WHHOOOOOHHOOOO, here comes the pain train baby, Terry Tate is gonna make grass outta your ass, BIATCH!!!

(tackle the waiter while waiting for food) I ordered those eggs 14 minutes ago, don't make me tackle you again son.

(yelling at teacher) I'm sick of all this homework bitch! dont' make me knock your ass out and choke u with those chalk brushes.
by birwin July 06, 2006

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