Yo wigga lets go smoke that "J" or i'll kizzle your ass mofo!
by Carl February 14, 2005
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(Jay) N. (1) A Joint. (2) Purest form of nudity (3)An Upturned penis. see also (Doobie, Stick, Roach, Cheeb, Lefty)
1) What's up? Nothing just smokin' a "J".

2) There I was standing in the police lineup naked as a "J".

3) I got all drunk and took that fat girl home from the bar. She jumped on top and broke my dick. Bitch left me a "J".
by SirIsaacHillary September 2, 2005
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j as in junkie(crackhead) someone who either acts extrmley stupid/crazy or looks busted(raggedy). Can also be used to describe a lame person
so quita lookin like a "j" today huh?
by Kewl ass Laura September 19, 2006
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Had talent, but wasted, cause he had tOo big of ego. Friendly good guy type, but afraid too really connect. waits on others, but waits too long. socially un sociable. manical, tyrincal. a star, best.
WTF happend to J J ?!
by fgr4 October 19, 2010
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a hand rolled smoking stick containing illegal substances but rolled by J to make it a J J
by nessawozere June 8, 2004
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