Zy is someone who’s usually misunderstood half the time, she’s really quiet and shy when you first meet her but once you get closer to her, you’ll think she’s the most craziest person in the world 😂. She falls for fuck boys half the time and then regrets it later, but she’ll have only guy that really has her heart, some people thinks she’s in love with him and that she doesn’t want to admit it. Also she of course is thick 👀 and can throw that ass back and all 👅 🍑. Other than that, she’s all above a good person except for when she’s mad 😳🤬 , she will beat a bitches ass with no problem 👊🏽 . Don’t let her goofiness fool you, she has serious anger issues and a attitude 👀. Zy is basically a goofy person who likes to laugh, have fun and go places. 💓 Nnd if you ever have one in your life....you better keep her for life 🤞🏼.
“Did you see Zy beat that hoe’s ass?”

“Zy is honestly the most funniest and goofiest person I’ve ever met 😂”.
“Zy is deadass thick 😍🤩🤤🍑👅”.
by Pancakes4life February 3, 2019
Zy is a beautiful girl that’s often quiet but can be misunderstood. Zy just wants someone to genuinely love her. You do NOT want to mess with her when she is angry ! She most likely be in love with a rapper that she will never get.
Zy is so prettyyyyyy.
by Zyyyy April 20, 2018
Zy is a fine ass light skin. She is a lesbian and gets all the bitches🤪.Zy can still yo bitch right be before your eyes😉She is very funny, smart, sexy👅 and wifey material🙃But don’t fuck with Zy cause she will cut your limbs off and put the bitches back together like a puzzle😙
by Nigga_Savage101 September 13, 2018
Zy is a name for a people born in the spring and they 😎cool they look like fu*k boys but at are the nices sweetest people you ever meet
by Sadandlonly August 28, 2018
a cute zygote, comonally identified with having webbed toes, and both male and female genitalia.
As young susanne was debating whether to fuck her new boy toy she remembered she could get burdoned with a Zy Zy.
by Galactic_Douchee September 11, 2010
A Lover Boy Born In August 🦁 Kind-Hearted 💞 Very Funny 😂 Annoying asf😇 But Sweet🙂 ! Very aggressive😈 Has a Big DICK 😌
by Zytravious December 21, 2016
This word means hi!!!!!
I would like to say zi to everyone!
by Dennis/Hans April 22, 2005