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A very beautiful girl with vibrant eyes who is an amazing, funny, smart, cute person. A real catch. Men swoon to her, however, she attracts all, but is attracted to very few. If a Zuzanne is into you, you should hold on tight and never let her go, because Zuzannes are very selective and only keep company with the best of the best. They are so chilled, awesome and random - very fun to talk to. Zuzanne is crazy. She knows it and so does everyone else. She sometimes suffers with it, but everyone else falls in love with it and finds it incredibly attractive. She is super smart and is good at sports too - usually far more better than most guys and is super hot. Zuzanne is absolutely special, although she chooses to deny the fact that she looks like a model, with an incredible figure, shining hair, long legs, and trusting hazel eyes that make you weak at your knees. She gets upset easily if you hit the right point. Dont hurt her feelings, or she will always remember no matter even if you dont think so. A Zuzanne is one of the best girls you could ever come across - she is sweet, kind hearted and so helpful. However, she is too forgiving and can be naive when it comes to peoples' promises to change - this sometimes leads to people using her. She always tries to make people laugh and smile even when she is feeling down, although you'll never know she's down because she puts on a brave face.
This girl must be a Zuzanne.
Zuzanne is so hot.
by Peteryo2002 January 31, 2018
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Zuzanne. A beautiful forgiving girl. Always sweet and down to earth. Trustworthy and kind. She'll never let you down. She is afraid to love as she knows people are snakes. BUT when it comes to her friends, the close ones, she is always there. You can count on this amazing, gorgeous girl xoxoxo for my best mate. From A.F
Zuzanne: A gorgeous, smart, kind girl who will forgive anyone. Xoxoxox
by Ania149 January 22, 2018
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