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Zuri is the most gorgeous girl you'll ever meet. She is shy at first but once you get to know her she will be the craziest person you know. She is very real and will always speak her mind even though it comes off mean she is just telling the truth. She is very emotional at times so it's better to leave her alone in those times or you might risk going to the hospital. She is talented, fun, very loving and caring but will hit you once you annoy her. She freaks out when she learns someone has a crush on her. Every time she is shy, angry or uncomfortable her nose will become a bright red. She also has a beautiful appearance with big brown eyes, long red hair, nice eyebrows, and a very defined jawline. If you have a Zuri in your life don't let go of her because her hugs are the best thing you could ask for in times of need.
person 1: oh no Zuri is sad ima go and support her
person 2: okay
person 3: that's not a good idea
person 1: but this might be my chance for her to like me

person 3: she is probably going to send you to the hospital and report u for abuse
by Avengers 123 June 16, 2019
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zuri means someone who is drop dead gorgeous and is never fake. is always there for her friends even if they aren’t for her.
person 1: you see that girl over there
person 2:ya
person 1: she is such a zuri
by okimfinne April 09, 2018
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Feminine. Of the swahili origin.
Meaning "Beautiful"
"Have you met Zuri? She is Le Merd!!!"
by ZuRi April 09, 2008
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Zuri means G.O.A.T
Greatest Of All Time
No one can still his title
Zuri is a Goat not Kennedy
by Ãlvin Gonzalez March 19, 2018
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Zuri is a name used among African-Americans as a way of celebrating their heritage; Zuri is the Swahili name for "beautiful", it also means good, nice, pretty, lovely, cute, and attractive.
Guy1: you see that girl over there
Guy2: yeah
Guy1: she's very zuri
Guy2: agreed
by xx.zuri.xx February 06, 2017
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A girl that is beautiful, cute and flawless and can get a boyfriend in 5 or 6 sec .has no butt but can twerk and bucking . her fav sports are gymnastic,tumbling,dance . You don't want to make her mad she act sacred but you dont want to see the real her.
And can kinda fight . she loves to play fight and have fun with friends
Person 1 :u see that girl over there
Person 2:yea thats zuri
Person1: she fine asf
by The emoji queen April 18, 2017
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Swiss German for Zurich (German: Zürich).
The party- and financial capital of Switzerland.

Fun to live in because of its nice lake and rivers, picturesque old town as well as nightlife spots for just about any taste.
Züri has been rated the city with the highest quality of life worldwide.
by züri m@ September 21, 2005
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