Hebrew for fuck. Also the name for Microsofts new mp3 player.
Would you like to get "Zune"d and have a cigarette afterwards?
by TriZub September 02, 2006
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A gangsta Mp3 player made by microsoft. There is no downside because it just came out and is a fairly new player so give it time. It is way better than a crappy,small screen, too complicated not even apple knows how it fully works,IPOD a.k.a. Isapot(Isapot I Stupid/shitty ass piece of technology). Wait a couple years and watch Zune will completely dominate the MP3 market.
Microsoft is just gangsta man, Bill Gates know what he doin!!!!!!!!Zune is the future
by King Chaotix December 25, 2007
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The mp3 player being developed by Microsoft and Toshiba that will probably be the mp3 player to give Apple a run for their money. Some ridicule it for the sole reason of it carrying Microsoft's name.
It is also the mp3 player that quickly brings out the inner immature nature of half of the ipod loving crowd who seem to often have to buy multiple ipods because of them breaking.
"Hey, did you hear of that new mp3 player being made by Microsoft? The zune I think it's called. It's gunna totally suck and crash all the time."
"Umm, you know that the main reason Windows crashes at times is because of the sheer amount of hardware compatibility it needs to have, which from that many drivers avaliable the chance of conflict is much higher."
"Uhh...well...it's still gunna suck cause it comes in brown."
by Ren Driver October 04, 2006
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The newest form of mp3 player being released fall 2006 by microsoft. It is reported to have video funcions, a larger screen than an iPod, and wi-fi capability. Also two different plans will be available. One which is a monthly fee for unlimited downloads and free sharing of music with those of the same plan. The other is on a download to download basis. Also it is said that Microsoft will FOR FREE transfer all songs you have ever bought from itunes onto a zune. I can't wait!
I wish I had a zune to listen to.
by Ryan Stark August 11, 2006
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obviously the guy in number 10 bought one, and couldn't figure out how to turn it on.
the zune is going to give Apple a go for there dough.

Its screen is as big as the new nano
they cost 100 dollars for 8 gb
the apple ipod would be around 200 for 8 gb
it also has wi-fi, and isnt as easy to break as the ipod.
dont get it twisted though, the ipod is good, but the zune is better in my opinion
apple ipod 8 gb 250$
microsoft zune 8 gb 114$
by the knowing May 18, 2009
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Verb: to Create something.. but not do it properly. Coined from the Microsoft Release of the "Zune"
but I bet you that Jobs isn't going to zune the iPhone by leaving off all the bits people want and need.
by IainF November 16, 2006
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a genital in French Canadian slang, or "fuck" for Hebrew
Me: Nice zune ma'am, it's bigger than my ipod
by Carloz800 May 31, 2009
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