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When a bitch be givin' you head while you sleep!
I passed out drunk, when I woke up I was gettin Zum!
by Woo January 19, 2005
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A cross-breed between a yak and a cow.
They say the weight problem in America is like a Zum.

Chubby chasers love that Zum man.

That club was full of Zum's. They need to be gettin' that light brew going in tha batch.
by CandiacePennythoughts April 16, 2010
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Definition 1: to kick someones ass

Definition 2: to have sex with someone and blast them, or well blow thier hole out
Definition 1: "I'm gonna zum on your ass if you don't get outta my way!"

Definition 2: "That gurl is sooo damn fine! I gonna try to zum that!"
by KandeeGurl December 31, 2007
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ZÚM is said the same as zoom but it refers to modified import cars.

which are fixed up to be

badder then a stock car
louder then a stock car and
faster then a stock car
that ZÚM car is DOPE!

check out that JDM ride, total ZÚM status!
by JDM scene writer July 29, 2009
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