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Badass mothaaafucckkkaaa. She will knock you out in one punch. Don't mess with her! Unique as fuck. Has amazing eyes and loves to party! She can get down low! Basically the greatest person alive. Oh yeah, it's an Australian originated name. Yeahhh, nufff said (:
Mannnnn, I wish my name was Zully. That is one awesome name!
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A name which is not very common, actually pretty uncommon, but amazing. Starts with a Z. So like, if you were to try to date people with names in alphabetical order you'd have to date 25 other people until finding this dork. But you could also decide that you want to start on Z and never go anywhere else. Pretty hard decision to make, so choose carefully. I can guarantee you that it would be worth it, but then again you don't know what letter she is on. She's awesome. And even though she knows it, you telling her will still give her the jiggles. She's going to look into your eyes sometimes, and you're probably gonna get stuck in a trance. Don't worry though, she will be there when you're back from the clouds. A Zully never leaves you (unless you fuck up majorly, so just don't bruh). She's the good kind of different; she's the good kind of weird; and she's the good kind of naughty. She's the good kind of everything you could ever want. A Zully is everything you could ever want. If you find her, keep her. If you have her, cherish her. If you're smart, you hold onto her. She's a reason to smile.
You haven't lived until you've met Zully.
by Bubalooh May 10, 2018
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