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Zuli is a girl who is a friend to the end no matter what goes down you know SHE GOT YOUR BACK and A calm, sexy,kind person who everyone likes to be around. Zuli's tend to have big breasts and big ol' thighs with a nice ass. Also very funny but on the down side She can be a hoe.
Zuli's also know how to get down & party like a rock star! Most Zuli's are Puerto Rican and short. Sometimes bad with relationships. Last but not least Zuli's have bad attitudes if you push her buttons.
guy #1: "Yo look at zuli shes so fine she got it all!"
guy #2: "im sayin !"

guy #1: "ima get with her soon (;"
guy #2: "no nigga shes bad at relationships"
by BigBootyJudy June 29, 2012
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