Someone who drowns in their own misery while lying to other that they can swim.
I’d never want to be like Zuhaib
by Anne culter November 23, 2021
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Zuhaib dream
Zuhaib dream
by Zuhaib dream November 24, 2021
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Someone who absolutely obliterates Jusame, no matter the situation, place. He will go absolutely haywire in the buttocks of jusame
Hes fucking jusame? Must be Zuhaib
by fsafasfsa February 13, 2023
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a caring man someone who is a family man sometimes too much of one, he takes pride in his homphobicness and makes sure to flaunt it and hopes one day to take over his families success, secretly he is gay and eats shit
That is so Zuhaib of you!
I know that guy is a Zuhaib because he seems gay!
by fsafasfsa July 25, 2023
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