A nontraditional zombie. Differs to the slow, shambling type to be fast. Zoombies climb, run, jump, and aren't limited like average zombies are. Usually zoombies are faster than humans so are more dangerous.
Dave: There's a ton of zombies outside my house.

Me: Zombies or zoombies?

Dave: Zoombies.

Me: You're fucked.
by Jspace10 February 15, 2009
(additional definition) People who spend way too much time in Zoom meetings.
During the coronavirus health crisis, the 9th grade had so many long, online Zoom sessions that some turned into Zoombies
by AgeandTreachery March 23, 2020
Person who becomes the living dead by spending all day on video conferences, especially on Zoom
I spent all day online, and now I've turned into a Zoombie
by Joan in Baltimore March 28, 2020
(noun) : a type of fictional zombie; an undead person who possesses greater than average mobility compared to other, more traditional undead creatures; a zombie who runs and moves at a normal (or greater than normal) human speed. {best exemplified in the recent films Dawn of the Dead (2004) & 28 Days Later; from “zoom” + “zombie”}
"Dang, those zombies are fast."
"Those aren't zombies, man. Those are zoombies."
by Adam Hunt May 1, 2006

People who overuse Zoom online meeting service .

This is particularly relevant in the current environment when most of the employees are working from home and use Zoom application for their meetings.
I am feeling like a Zoombie after 10 online meetings today.
by A-S-A-D April 6, 2020
In this day of remote work and isolation (COVID-19), a Zoombie is anyone whose gray matter has been deteriorated by interminable Zoom meetings. They are hard to see on the streets because this variety of living dead hides in their houses behind locked doors... just waiting for the next Zoom meeting invite.
Our office meetings these days are full of Zoombies. Everyone form work has that unshowered, bed head look with vacant stares... they've been reanimated as Zoombies.
by JSS@MCC April 24, 2020
Someone who spends most of their waking hours on Zoom: meetings with bosses, colleagues, subordinates, friends, children and parents, church members, and third parties.
Since the lockdowns, mental hospitals worldwide have raised the alarm to the authorities that hundreds of zoombies came in with severe forms of antisocial or evil behaviors, with a number of them entertaining suicidal thoughts to stop their demonic torments.
by 🦠₉₁₁ April 1, 2021