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This is when a person named Zoob comes up with a new word relating to Google.
Zoob zoogle'd moogle for google
by SGOF February 18, 2005
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1.To name species inecological webs. compair concepts due to the complex inter-connections with ecological webs.
1. We discovered a new species out side of known ecological webs and had to zoogle a name on the spot, so we could record it officially before anyone else did.

2.The zoogostrical definition of This Presidents unusually sexual attractiveness or raw charisma , has led to a zoogostrical
array of publicity including remarks about his Lion Heartedness to his Eagle eye for change or finally his Bullish stance on the American economy.
Why the reporters had to zoogle words to define him.
by wwwjohnjewelcom April 07, 2009
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