The only word in the bible that means anything. Said by Rowley Jefferson in ZooWee 12:9. He blesses god and jesus by saying "Zooweemama i like your beard" to god.
"And now I shall bless you with the one and only ZooWeeMama!" Rowley says.
"Wow he thicc" God responds
by FranelloDefiner December 10, 2018
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when you step in a puddle and then realie that it is an acid pudle
"Oh nop i steped in a puddle"

"At lest its not an acid puddle "

"Ay Ay Ay it IS an acid puddle"

by Tom Pizzle March 20, 2018
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What that fat ginger kid says in diary of a wimpy bitch.
by Banananinja365 June 24, 2019
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When a girl is upside down hanging by her ankles and you are on top of her inserting your foot into her vagina whilst she is screaming ZooWeeMama
Person 1:Lets do it
Person 2: ok
*12 minutes later*
Person 2: ZooWeeMama
by PeenToot764 January 24, 2020
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