What happens when, after a long hard ride on the Palm Express to Tissue Lane, your manhood randomly decides it just isn't finished yet. After a longer and more satisfying ham-spanking session, it is still not done. In fact it won't go away, no matter how long and hard you work at it. It is like a zombie, because it will not die. In fact -- it is a zomboner!
Dude, I jacked off nine times last night. Zomboner!
My zomboner is killing me man. In bed, in the shower ...
Jack: "What the fuck man, you've got a boner at football practice?"
Billy: "Zomboner, man!"
by Nubcakes Smith January 26, 2008
A posthumous erection caused by rapid or violent death such as a bullet wound or a traumatic blow to the head. Death erections can also be provoked by auto-erotic asphyxiation, (like in strangulation or hanging).
"Speculation continues to swirl around the death of actor David Carradine. One thing is for sure, he had one hell of a zomboner."
by tlinget October 13, 2009
A boner that won't go away, no matter how many times you choke the chicken, slap the ham, catch the snake, or go for a ride on the Righty Express. A zombie boner, that won't die.
Dude, my zomboner won't go away.
DUDE, why do you have a boner?! 'Zomboner, man.'
Your zomboner is frustrating me.
by Nubcakes Smith January 26, 2008
A Zombie who is also a Moron

Zombie doesnt have a brain,as his or her fellow zombies had already eaten the Brain for Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner or may be snack.
But occasionally a zombie is left with a half eaten brain,or a tiny part of the brain which makes them Zombonic Moron,or a person with an extremely useless brain.
He is a no brainier like a Zombie,but he tries to be smart,making himself a zombonic moron.
by safriz October 11, 2010