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The moments directly after waking up from sleep (usually, only up to an hour) where you can't speak properly and have an inability to perform simple tasks like make your morning coffee.

Extended periods of zombie mode can also occur after a bad night's sleep and can last most of the day. Symptoms include not being able to function properly throughout the day and general malaise.

Zombie mode is comparable to a hang-over but it doesn't usually occur as a result of alcohol although zombie mode, combined with a hang-over is a potentially deadly combination.
"Man, I didnt get to sleep til 5 am this morning. I've been in zombie mode all day since getting up."
by The IzzleMann September 08, 2008
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Tessa: not to much! hbu?
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During a conversation if a person seems to be zoned out drastically maybe due to non-interested topic or any other reason and he is continuously staring at the speaker without saying a single word then a person is said to be in Zombie Mode. Generally in a Zombie Mode a person is shifting his eyes to one speaker to the other without knowing what they are talking about.
Ted: I'm 32, still single, in Newyork city. Where i'm gonna find love of my life?
Marshall: You eventually find your soulmate like i did when i met Lily.
Ted: If i think about it, i got better chance to meet up with Angelina Jolie rather than finding a wife for me.
Marshall: Don't be absurd.
Ted: Barney "Quit your Zombie Mode and back me up here.
by Reet Awwsum June 26, 2013
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When somebody consumes a large quantity of booze and or drugs, resulting in a mental shutdown leaving them sitting there drooling like a zombie.
Douce is totally zombie-modeing!
by Ben546 September 14, 2008
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Is a term used to describe someone who has consumed excess amounts of alcohol and smoked marijuana. This is because a person who has done this usually turns very pale and loses the ability to complete basic functions, such as holding a conversation or using their cellular devices. A person in zombie mode also will struggle to stay conscious and may pass out very early.
Example 1: On Halloween eve last year some of my friends drank plenty of alcohol and walked over to a seniors house, where they then smoked marijuana. After this they walked back through campus to their dorms, thus being zombies for halloween.

Example 2: Went to a party and saw a freshman I knew sitting on the couch all alone. I went over to initiate a conversation with the freshman only to discover that he could not hold a conversation or even keep his eyes open. He was in zombie mode.

Example 3: Person 1: Hey man, what happened to you last night?
Person 2: Yeah, I passed out at like nine o'clock.
Person 1: Really? Why?
Person 2: Dude, I was a total zombie last night.
by mckeky01 August 31, 2010
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After great entercourse when a male climaxes ultimately resulting in him becoming in a zombie like state, and temporarily not being able to comprehend simple task after entercourse.
Yesterday after you hooked up with her, you were so out of it. She definately had you in zombie mode.
by Ezra IV August 04, 2010
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