The pharmaceutical combination of Ambien (Zolpidem) and Lunesta (Eszopiclone). Routes of administration include oral, nasal, and intravenous for the truly twisted individual.
The only way I'm going to cope with this 12 hour plane flight is to zombie flip until I pass out.
by teh reel slim shady November 10, 2010
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Static Inverted Side Flip 180.
Dave does a Zombie Flip.

Bunny: Wow, how did you do that...

Dave: whaa?

Bunny: You ok?

Dave falls over, dizzy from the flip.
by Bunny420. June 25, 2009
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Zombie Flipping is a term used to describe the "high" induced by mixing the drugs Krokodil and bathsalts. Side effects include rotting flesh and an insatiable hunger for human faces. Also known as "itchy-tasty" and and "Droppin' Dahmers".
Klyde: "Holly Buggering Bumble bee's Roger! Paul's chewing off his own bloody arm! has he gone MENTAL?"

Paul: "Nope, stupid bastards been ZOMBIE FLIPPING again, he's got a cravin for the ole' itchy tasty."
by Eddie IZM December 09, 2014
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The act of eating LSD and Bath Salts together, since for some drug users, just one is not enough. This is similar to candy flipping and hippie flip.
Dude lets get the hell out of this party before the dude that's zombie flipping starts eating someone's face.
by TWeaK July 06, 2012
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