Sleep pill, much like Ambien. Some say it also adds butterflies to your dream.
Give me Lunesta or give me death. I don't want Ambien.
by veggieduck February 11, 2006
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Lunesta (eszopiclone ) is a sedative--a sleeping pill. Lunesta and Ambien are of the same drug class commonly known as "z pills" or "non-benzodiazepines" This class is used to treat insomnia. Sleeping pills are ripe for abuse so you know people arent just taking these how doctor recommended.

Lunesta helps people stay asleep when taken for fun the user resists the natural urge to fall asleep before they feel high: relaxation, sedation, confusion, and an indica-like couch-lock. Memory might be impaired. The pill tastes like metal and the taste may take 3 minutes or 24 hours to clear.

Do you remember the early-mid 2000s commercials for s drug starring a floating green butterfly? Yep. That was Lunesta
"yo kev my doctor gave me a sum lunesta earlier today. Did you wanna roll a couple blunts take a couple and watch the NBA Finals?"
by BSMfrenchie June 04, 2018
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The way she goes on ad nauseum about her kids and her running workouts makes her human Lunesta.
by NOVA girl May 01, 2011
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