The one thing mankind has feared for eternity
The one thing that has happened before, only to be covered up by our government
Grab a shotgun, machete, backpack, and family
It's gonna be a bumpy ride
The Center for Disease Control has issued an emergency evacuation for the town of -LINCOLN, NEBRASKA- Due to an unknown virus. Between the hours of 06:00 to 20:00 emergency vehicular transports shall be issued to evacuate the residents of -LINCOLN, NEBRASKA- We warn any readers: DO NOT COME IN CONTACT WITH THE INFECTED FOR ANY REASON. Each infected individual so far has apparently ceased living, only to return to life with a berserk-like attitude. No additional information has been given to us about this "Zombie Apocalypse." However, we do possess the knowledge that these creatures are extremely deadly. DO NOT attempt to run away. In the meantime, residents of -LINCOLN, NEBRASKA- should barricade themselves in their homes and wait for official instructions. Once infected, any persons bitten or somehow induced to succumb to the virus are to be considered EXTREMELY DEADLY and should be killed or quarantined AT ONCE. We have received word that the best way to "kill" the undead is to destroy the head or remove it completely. However, NOBODY should attempt to rebel against the creatures unless in an EMERGENCY SITUATION. Once dead, the bodies are to be burned to ensure that the virus is stopped from spreading to other cities or even states. This is a warning from the CDC.
by thekid9100 November 6, 2010
The end of the world by way of biochecmically regenerated humans thats only plan is to kill off all life on the planet. Zombies are the Archenemy of the FreeAgents.
Zombie apocalypse has started we must get to a safe place.
by budo November 4, 2008
A party or gathering at which a large group of elderly people will get up and shuffle around under the guise of dancing.
"It was my gran's 80th birthday party last night. It was a fucking Zombie Apocalypse."
by John The Happy Black Man August 13, 2005
Something 12 year old boys wish would happen so they can show off how badass they are.
Sheldon: Imagine if there was a zombie apocalypse! I would use a gun!
John:Sheldon shut up you faggot
by jjr51802 November 2, 2013
A guaranteed way of never having to become slaves to our jobs
I can't wait until the zombie apocalypse happens so that I don't have to go to work all the time and get bitched at by that annoying bitch of a boss.
by Krackerjacksnacks August 11, 2017
The Zombie Apocalypse is a 'Prepper' term used to define the collapse of civilization where the living will hunt and harvest other human beings as a food source.
The Zombie Apocalypse depicted in the movie 'The Road' people were capturing other humans to eat reducing them to the walking dead.
by Sound Chaser November 1, 2018
Zombie Apocalypse (Latin: apocalyptus inmortuis) denotes the (total or partial) extinction of mankind by zombies and is one of the most common subjects in movies and computer games .
Often used as an excuse by people playing zombie FPS .
Movies: Resident Evil, Zombieland, Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead etc.
Games: Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, Dead Space etc.

Father: Son, stop wasting your time with those bloody video games already!
Son: I am not wasting time, I am preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse!
by D-fine June 25, 2012