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A group of migrants who do not know the meaning of "personal space". It is apparent that they have no sense of humor, smell, or style. If you see a Zivo, please get as far away as you can, otherwise you might get herpes.
Also, they are known to be gay.
That guy was pulling a Zivo, so I had to leave.
by LlamaMama April 29, 2009
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Originating in the gay communities through out San Francisco Ca. during the later part of 2008, the term is slang for swallowing large cocks.
Gay guy #1: I meet this guy last night at the bar
Gay guy #2: I bet he had a donkey dick
Gay guy #1: yeah and I totally Zivo’ed it!!!
by whitegold May 01, 2009
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A chinese monk and the symbol of complete and utter stupidity, This refers to a boy or man who appears mentally retarded even if he is just fine.
Omg rly jeez ffs ur such a ZIVO rn man
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by Magmafying June 03, 2017
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