When you lick from a girls rectum to her clitoris in one constant motion.
She was not very responsive until I gave her the Zip Lock.
by Eric Matthew July 15, 2010
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A Zip-Lock Pussy is when a woman's vagina lips stick together and you have to pull them apart like a Zip-loc bag to separate them and have sex.
Dude, that girl's pussy is so sticky. She has a Zip-Lock Pussy!
by ebghjebb October 5, 2016
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She was as tight as a zip lock bag.
by GKJJJ January 30, 2006
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The epitome of all that is weak and most certainly does not keep it fresh. Per common knowledge, a zip lock lock bag looks useful but only really keeps things fresh for a matter of minutes and serves an extremely limited purpose, and this jive ass turkey is no different.
guy 1: "You see Clyde over there, he really brings nothing to the table."
guy 2: "Yeah he's a zip lock bag if I've ever seen one."
guy 1: "word"


"That zip lock bag kept my fruit fresh for like 2 hours. These strawberries look like they fucked Eli Whitney's cotton gin. F zip lock bags bro."
by The Earthquakes February 5, 2012
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