a bored person typing in greek letter + male into urbandictionary to see what it says
yes, yes im talking about you you absolute zeta male
by Homeless Desk August 4, 2021
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Zeta male refers to the 4th social hierarchy position among males. (alpha - top, beta - second, omega - the rest). Zeta males consciously reject a the traditional social position as it is based on how they are valued by women. Zeta's can be straight, bi or gay.
I asked Jim to buy be a drink and he said I should pay for it myself. I guess he's a Zeta Male
by sirskeptic March 12, 2010
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A Zeta males is the human equivalent of an F1 car. A Zeta male (ZM) is a Male who has transcended the traditional blue pill-imposed socio-sexual hierarchy consisting of Alpha, Sigma, Beta, Gamma, Omega and Delta.

While Zeta males may have previously fallen within one or more of the positions on the spectrum at various phases in their lives, they can activate any of their modes if absolutely necessary. Zeta males either consciously or subconsciously do not fall within social or sexual hierarchical primate-evolved position as it is based on traditional female-imposed valuation of a male's worth. Rather, Zeta males have accumulated the best qualities of each position on the hierarchy, and range from soaring above and outside the glass pyramid of the levels like the Theta bird, or can also operate with stealth and cunning from below the pyramid after detecting it's operations like a thermal radar system, fully perceptive yet immune to and transcendent from the spectrum of disturbance and subjugation within the pyramid.

Both Zeta Males and Theta males can be fully transcendent beings. But Zeta's are more complex creatures and the most complex species or gender on the planet.
Before the rather raucous Alpha male got a chance to fully wind up, like the lightning, the Zeta male very efficiently acted to instantly neutralize the rather primal attempts.
by APA Pro July 3, 2019
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Stupid bullshit made by retards based off of refuted research on captive wolf moms and dads. This also goes for beta males, alpha males, and whatever bullshit the losers who pedal this crap come up with next.
person 1: Im a zeta male.
person 2: I think you mean fucking moron.
by Cock-Burger July 7, 2021
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Masculinist theory designing a stand-alone category in the structure of male dominance. In this theory, the males are divided in several categories including mainly Alphas (dominant), Betas (second) and Omegas (dominated) depending on their ability to pick a woman or their supposed status before a woman.
The Zetas are thought as independent outsiders that do not let themselves be defined by women's relationship to them. They are characterised by that refusal along with the rejection of traditionalism and any relationship in which they may be dominated, but not in which they may dominate.

Seemingly a "third way" for many men that suffers from the alpha/omega dynamic, this theory supposes that men should be free and bold in their way of living, independently to women who would be an evil agent of a power structure they seek to get rid off. However, this is very damaging to the average male since this attitude can only single him out, feed him with the fantasy of a world in which women are a completely outside force of their life or create a toxic masculinity which only results in toxic social relations.
Chad is such an alpha, but all he thinks about is women. I'm a zeta male, I can live without them and just pick one up occasionally.
That guy is such a beta, it sucks to be alpha-orbiting. I'm a zeta male, I can live without being entitled to an alpha and get all the women.

Brad decided to act more like a zeta male recently.
- How's it holding up ?
- I don't know, some girls thought he became some kind of an individualistic feminist when he explained it; but really it's the same as before but he does not look his crush in the eyes anymore.
by Katurha May 11, 2018
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What idiots refer to as the opposite of an Alpha male, as they don't realize the last letter of the Greek Alphabet is Omega.
He was a Zeta male, in more ways than one.
by FuckyournameSOMEONE ELSE January 19, 2009
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Male who is so beta he has moved down the alphabet to be a zeta
Your like beto o'rourke but even more beta so zeta o'rourke.

Zeta male: a male so beta that he has moved down the alphabet to be a zeta male
by Justinogarry July 5, 2019
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