When using bullshit isn't enough and you need to expand your vocabulary a little bit
Guy: man that's some bullshit!

Teacher: I think some of us need to expand our vocabulary a little bit
Guy: man that's some stupid bullshit!
by Degen fox hours May 7, 2021
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Anything completely lacking in value, purpose, and lacking a positive contribution to the matter at hand. As 'bullshit' or 'b.s.' is usually used to denote something as meaningless or without practical value, stupid adds more derision. Can also be used in the sense of 'drama'
At work they set up this new way to handle orders, and Johan and me both think it's nothing but stupid bullshit, man.


Jerry's ex-old lady came over and started a bunch of stupid bullshit, man.
by RevDrDark May 4, 2006
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Some one who talks complete and utter shit all the time and wear shit. (e.g trackies and a dinner jacket). They often come out with stupid remarks that shows that they are clearly a prick.
Stupid bullshit talker/walker: I hate it when people say there going to shag your mum and don't

Person A: Fuck off you stupid prick bitch.
by mong boy June 22, 2007
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