The inability to give even one fuck about someone or something, i.e. the situation in which one is unable to care. This term is also used to express dismay, disbelief, or sarcasm pertaining to someone or something, and can be a successful comeback comment in the event of a downward-spiraling conversation.
Michael: "Vicki, you were the one that broke up with me!"

Victoria: "Zero fucks given, Mike."
by lolswerehad June 10, 2011
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phrase invented by my describe an attitude of not caring at all...same as don't give a fuck...zfg was invented recently (2015) by my girl, the licensed psychotherapist who councils and provides therapy in her private practice, helping many cope with their problems and ongoing daily stress...
that dude just cut me off, while blending into highway express lane, zero fucks given
by packinbiggie April 26, 2016
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