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An amazing guy with a beatiful smile and eyes you can get lost in. Zephan is someone who is extremely nice and funny, but has a rough backstory. Almost always gets the girls. Could be a superhero. Kinda crazy but is one of the popular people. Cant turn down a challenge and is a total daredevil. Sometimes is very badass, but also has a deep understanding.
Person 1: Damn who is that?
Person 2: Oh thats Zephan he’s awesome.
by Bes_frien February 11, 2018
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Zephan is the sexiest man you will ever meet he may look skinny but is truly strong he has a 4 pack he doesn't like too brag about anything he may also be very intelligent he may not make the smartest decisions but he is smart. He is charming and you can get lost in his divine hazel eyes. He can have the softest and cutest hair style when he has around 5 inches of hair and it is usually

curlier the longer it grows. He may have a high pitch voice but he wont mind He is usually around 4"11 in middle school and has a 6 inch dick soft and when in adulthood he can have a 12 inch dick. He is strong and wont let anybody fuck with him he will need personal space but he can fuck up anyone. He is not scared of anything and only jokes around and when someone touches him he will warn them to not touch him and try not to lethal when he attacks in self defense. He willonly attack a bully or anyone that attacks him he will only attack them I self defense. He may not get any girlfriends but he may have people crush on him and maybe he crushes back but he will never tell
Omg did you see zephan at prom with his sexy hair and eyes he is so perfect
by Tonyrodgers90 July 01, 2019
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The nicest man you will ever meet hazel eyes short but not too short sexy not fat skinny but not too skinny. He will have some muscles he isn't a show off so you see the skinny part but he has a 4 pack fast metabolism and has around at full adult 10 inch and in early teen years will be a solid 6 inches soft he doesn't get any ladies but they all have a crush on him. He may also have curly soft brown hair at around 5 inches he will look sexy at his finest he may look small and weak but he can beat the crap out of someone not too bully but for self defense only he may also give a warning to stop touching him he may need some personal space but it depends on who it is. Also he has a rough background and tries to never cry but he will internally
Did you see zephan at science class he was so cute I saw (insert name) rub his hair he looked so cute I am so jealous
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by Tonyrodgers90 July 01, 2019
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