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a person who's just like a tsundere ,is funny, kind, sometimes shy, and sometimes very loud but you can always trust this person but don't piss a zenny off or they will hurt you
person 1: hey didn't say there was a new kid
person 2: ya she's alright her name's Zenny
by jullie0204 March 28, 2017
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A zen hippie. A pretentious collective of "individuals" who love to assert their "hippies than thou" values and philosophy.
random girl # 1: Hey man, can a get a sip of that kombucha?

Zennies: I would rather your meat tainted lips not desecrate my kombucha. But I do have some organic quinoa salad if you want to hit that.
by Hippi3Kick3r August 02, 2012
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Zenny, Is God, the supreme creator, and <3. Zenny is the best person ever and makes the world go round. Without Zenny everyone would be forced to kill themselves because they would be overcome with extreme sadness. Also, Zenny is the owner of the chat for subbedanime and is the final word and law there.
person 1 "GWIMMY!!"
person 2 "ZENNY!!"
person 1 "In other news..."
person 2 " Zen ish <3"
by ZenIshZen21 October 24, 2010
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A complete douche bag who doesn't know how to talk to anybody someone who is a little wimp. He thinks he's the best thing on the face of the earth and dosnt care who he hurts. A complete and utter cunt, a fuckboy
I just met a Zenny
by Pepethepelican April 01, 2015
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