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Typically a very shy but beautiful girl, prefers being alone with a book. Around people she is comfortable with, she can be loud and energetic, but not often. She is often misunderstood and is very hard to understand. Beneath all that, she is a great person to go to for a talk.
"I need someone to talk to."
"Go to Zehra, she'll know what to do."
by harrystylesmylover April 14, 2013
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Alternative to MOGII, easier to pronounce.
The MOGAI community in my city is very friendly.
by sebasty September 04, 2014
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A beautyfull girl enjoyable to be around and to talk with. #E
I like zehra
by Iengne December 13, 2019
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Can we PLEASE get a REAL definition of this name?

Zehra is name of Turkish origin meaning either a flower, bright, dawn, fair, radiant.
I know a handful of cool people named Zehra.
Just saying.
by Person (: September 29, 2010
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They’re mostly very beautiful and they are very sympathetic. if they don’t like you that means you’re in a big trouble because they will always be rude to you and sometimes make fun of you. so, try to get along with Zehra’s.

If you’re their friend then that means you are very lucky because they always care about their friends. they are very kind hearted.
A: She’s acting like such a Zehra to you.
B: what does that mean?
A: that means she doesn’t like you
by nailpolish October 02, 2019
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Zehra is a nice, gentle and kind girl. She has a nice fashion, and always looks her best. Sometimes she is a little shy, but once you warm up to her she is outgoing and fun.
Zehra is so beautiful
by November 14, 2018
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