Hyper, happy, energized, excited
"I probably shouldn't of had a red bull before live streaming, im freaking zazzed"
by bandsbabexo December 17, 2015
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The state of being lit, predominantly from the influence of alcohol. Substance induced euphoria- feeling pumped and happy.

Slang from Essex.
"Let's get zazzed tonight"
"I'm feeling so zazzed right now"
by T-Bex March 15, 2018
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Being absolutely stoned to the point you can barely remember what happened
"I got so zazzed last night, what even happened?"
by YeetleBeetle August 20, 2020
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Being hyped, excited, or pissed about something
Friend: Are you zazzed for the party tonight?
Me: Hell yea
by TalMatt November 23, 2016
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