A male that is found to be thoughtful, articulate, handsome, insightful, passionate and prone to drawing an audience through charm. He is often also associated with the characteristics of an elliott.
She was blessed to have a Zayden.
by Kitty Paskus January 22, 2009
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A handsome and beautiful guy. His relaxing face is somewhat quite attractive. He seems to be really good at sports. He loves to annoy his loved one but you gotta love zayden. He has a sexy bodd with that cute and breath taking smile.
by Always a girl August 19, 2017
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He is epic lil short but til he reach dat growthspurt you say good bye to calling him short, some stuff is unknown, that rude stuff you say is hurtful to him but he will make you shut your cookie clicker up becuase your insults make you ugly he warns his friend about da mean stuff yall say too dem names. Girl Zayden comin soon.
definition 1: dirty stuff
Zayden: thum down warns friend meany name defs
Zayden fights back
yaeh yall just mad one ofdem ruin you poop
by How bout nooooo September 29, 2021
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A lovely young fellow. Usually found helping people or discovering Interesting things about nature. Meaning little fire. Zaydens are often fit, and very good at martial arts specifically the bow staff. Artsy, excellent big brothers and treat women like gold.
I wish I was zayden he is so thoughtful and always makes good choices.
by G2g2g2w March 4, 2018
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Zayden is a cute caring boy/ man he is great with children and is very handsome. He is very good at baseball and archery and usually has a great body figure, he also has a chubby face but is still somehow attractive!
by Zayden lover 101🤤 November 23, 2018
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A celebrity of the Deer Park Washington are, he has a big penis and is very attractive. All of his male and female friends want to bang him.
Guy: Wow Zayden is hot!
Girl: Yes he is
by Zayden Aaron McCalister March 6, 2021
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Zayden is an athlete and will take any challenge, he also has a big dick
Zayden is good at football
by Jehbsnsn June 19, 2020
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