the nigga who created barrel cholla, also known for being omniversal, multiversal, etc. this being cannot be destroyed by any means necessary, he makes barrel cholla looks like his son.
lol, yall heard how zay dropped barrel cholla?
by 48-6insmashupthescoresai December 29, 2021
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(1) To zay someone is to attack by means of punching, hitting or kicking when in a fight, when someone is about to get yeeted.

(2) Zay as in to hype a group of people up e.g. when the beats get good at the club and a friend starts saying zay repeatedly to the beat and the rest of the group picks up on it causing surrounding people to stare confusedly or judgmentally but get excited regardless and start dancing.
(1)“I swear if this little bitch wants to carry on like a pork chop tonight I’ll zay her.”

(2) *beat drops in aftershock by Macky Gee*

Person 1: “zay, zay, zay...”
Person 2: *joins in*
Person 3, 4 and 5: *joins in*
Group: “zay, zay, zay, zay, zay.”
by AnotherTurdBurger September 01, 2019
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Slang for fight or punch. Can often be doubled when extremely angered.
“I’m about to zay this dick head.”

“Ay, I’ll zay zay him too.”
by AnotherTurdBurger July 08, 2019
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The Person Who Steals Your Bitch and Is the Coolest Person To be Around
Zay Stole Braydens Bitch so Easily
by IlIlIIIIl November 03, 2021
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Zayed is an evil child and he loves to touch my children in their no no places and he is short and he is a roblox player
by yansndisjwh November 25, 2021
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