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a very beautiful girl with a
really good personality
dont take shit from people
Lakers fan
my Love
Zandra is nice
by shaun Laotian Black BOY February 01, 2009
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Music so good it could elicit sexual arousal.
The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
by lpvitus October 28, 2009
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A Zandra is hard to find

The name itself, I feel, is unique
The person however is average
Average looking, average height
Average mind, average importance
But a person with this name is the most kind
She is selfless, but selfish in things she really loves
Like that boy she met once upon a time
She is filterless, and yet, sensitive
Will tell it straight to your face but with consideration of how you'll feel
She wants everyone to feel the sense of belongingness
And yet somehow, she feels out of place
Somehow she feels like a dark gloomy rain

Wonders why on earth she feels so blue

A thought crossed by
Maybe the world does not deserve the kindness I offer
Somehow the thought became the truth
She changed, no more kindness
No more brightness
Only darkness, only sadness

She once smiled so bright

But now her face is blank

I told you, a Zandra is hard to find
For she is unique

Once you find her, protect her
For she is precious and rare
A Zandra is average, yet hard to find
You remind me of a woman named Zandra.
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by scrpkali September 04, 2018
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1. When a person fucks up and instead of admiting they need help. They will fuck up a situation a deal or hold others accountsble for them fucking up from the start untill everyone acknowledges them as a victim of self induced harm.

2. when you start filling out an application or birth certificate and want to write sandra but messed up and write a Z and have to go the rest of your life as zandra

3. Begining a poorly planned task with a critically accident and instead of starting over you proceed with zero hope of success but will want others to burden the cost in the future.
Zandra was not paying attention and was in a minor car accident on her way to deliver a package to the auction house where a buyer was waiting. When asked Her car was driveable but her bumber fell off. A minor cosmetic problem that can be easily fixed.

The auction manager asked her for her address so he could help her and return with the package. She instead she became zandra lied and said her vehicle was fine. And would be 20 mins.

2 hours later the manager calls asking for the address claiming the customer was understandably upsept and wanted a refund for almost $2000 if the item was not avaliable.

Now this Zandra said she cant drive the bumper wont stay on and because she doesnt want to lose out on her $10 delivery fee she wouldnt give her address and help save the transaction untill her bumper was fiixed. But would not acceot any help either. She just wanted to stay on the side of the road pouting. And saying whoa is me

Opposite of being excellent to each other
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by Tzar1 January 25, 2021
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