Zambies is an alternative pronunciation of the word "zombie" that was made popular by PewDiePie in his "The Last of Us" play through on YouTube. Zambies can range from slow moving Romero type zombies to fast Left 4 Dead zombies. Zambies do not have to be specifically "undead" or "infected" to still be referred to as zambies. Zambies also differ in the fact that since they can either be undead or infected, they don't necessarily have to be shot in the head to kill them (as with traditional zombies). A zambie bite or scratch is almost always fatal and if the victim is not killed quickly after death then said victim will turn and begin attacking and infecting humans.
Oh shit, there be zambies everywhere!
The zambie 'pocalypse is coming!
by the00cheat October 25, 2013
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Someone that has recently taken an Ambien and it has kicked in... they are awake but no longer cognisant of what is happening around them
It's 11pm, my girlfriend is turning into a Zambie... she'll start texting me nonsense any minute now
by Nizzlelicious January 08, 2015
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Coming from the word Zombie, but much more frightening, a zambie comes from a rare species of vlampire, they live off the taint licking of human beings just like the tlampire but the zambie is much more incogneto and can attack in many ways that both the vlampire and tlampire cannot. The ratio is currently 34:1 (meaning 34 zambies to 1 human being) it is quite disturbing.
1. with the attempt of an attack of a zambie, ninja steve used the blood of a vlampire to destroy it.
by Ninja "Mahogany Belt" Steve November 06, 2006
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An undead deer. Similar to the zombie, the zambie wanders the forest, it's brain capable only of base function. Like the zombie, the zambie is inexhaustible. Possibly reanimated by contagion or virus, the zambie appears to have a narrow focus, to kill and eat smaller forest creatures and to lie in wait at roadside to ambush motorcycles. Otherwise, it's existence appears to lack purpose.

The process of corporeal deterioration is not slowed by the condition and the progressively rotting zambie will continue to pursue its singular purpose until it is destroyed. Also like the human derived zombie, the zambie can only be stopped by destroying the brain.

In regions populated by inept hunters and human derived zombies, the zambie population tends to increase, suggesting that the virus can spread across species. It is postulated that undead worms might act as a link, however this remains unproven as there appears to be no way to differentiate an undead worm from a normal worm.
The existence of the zambie suggests that the folly of man is visited upon the creatures of the forest.
by Oddiologist July 08, 2012
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Someone who's a liar, gay, racist, and Trump supporter
OMG is that a Zambie? Sure does look stupid in real life.
by Znj18 August 11, 2018
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